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How do you feel about love? 

89 deviants said Nope, not in love.
54 deviants said Yes, I'm in love!
27 deviants said :heart:
22 deviants said I'm in love, but not happy. He/She doesn't love me baaaack :noes:
19 deviants said :love:
4 deviants said I'm sharing my story... (comment, please)

Devious Comments

TwistedSynapses Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
I should know. I've been in and out for (almost) decades now.
That being said - my wife is singular; beautiful in ways that freshness excited and time revealed.
DreamsStillWeep Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I have been in love before--I believe in love, in a way.  But I was married for a long time.  And I have felt love.  So I believe in love.  But I believe in it in the way that if the person or persons in love truly believe they're in love, then they are and no one should say otherwise.  But, at the same time, the rational and logical side of me would want to explain how the feeling we describe as "love" is essentially a chemical imbalance, and while on the one hand... I can say "Well, science can explain what it is, so it's obviously real" but then again, because of how the feeling tends to wear off over time (and this is not meant offensively to anyone, but scientifically, it is a fact.  That's why we have things like "puppy love", "the honeymoon phase" and "the 7 year itch").  It dies down, which means the best idea of whatever "True love" is... is essentially just a couple determined to be together, and willing to openly communicate, and stick it out through everything, in spite of everything.  It's a pretty crazy concept, if you think about it.  But a powerful one, nonetheless.  So, do I believe in love?... maybe not so much, in the typical belief kind of way.  But I certainly do believe in the commitment, and willpower, and dedication and faithfulness behind it.  And if you find your one and only, then more power to you. It's a beautiful thing.  :)
LadyofLegends Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Writer
I love love, but I'm not in a relationship with anyone. :) 
Hamda-AlRais Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
still single, but i would die to fall in love again 
emberbarker Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Super in love, but I used to be really skeptical about it. I guess I still am. But yeah.
rariorana Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Romantic love's really gross, but platonic love and familial love are really great.
hosagu Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Am a man... I just love love since being upside down anytime a Woman will have a look or more to me... :)
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I think I'd find another answer to this question every single day. Today's answer is not worth to be said or expressed. Something unspeakable.
LASKANWLF Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm in love...VERY much in love!! :heart::heart::heart:  (there's a reason why I keep putting three hearts in so many of my photo captions)
Tsuki-Desu Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I love my friends and family, but i've never romantically liked anyone~
I think love in generally though has many different shapes and sizes and is different for everyone.
For example, there are some 'intimate' things that a -lot- of people consider as romantic, but for me their just another way of showing friendship. (Like holding hands, or kissing)
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